Sports World Summary

SportsWorld is the first free-to-play, real-time, Fantasy Sports platform designed by game developers with a focus on the casual and mid-core sports fan. We have licensed an existing massively multi-player platform that will support all devices (phone, tablet, and desktop). Our team has over 100 years of gaming experience and is building sports themed games designed in a virtual world that make drafting and trading fun for all audiences.

Fantasy Sports is a white-hot market on the cusp of breaking out and our unique approach will create the most engaging and dynamic user experience to date.

Our Games


The SportsWorld virtual Sports Book will have live data feeds for all major sports, money line bets, proposition bets, chat, messaging, and survivor style tournaments.


Our five card fantasy game will combine sports knowledge with special power up features and a wager mechanic that can be played using historic data as well as future events.


In addition to fun and compelling sports games, we will also have multi-player poker and blackjack games that will provide entertainment and winning opportunities after the draft or in between seasons.

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